The perfect gift for all your dancing friends. Or maybe just get one for yourself. You can use this pin on your dress bag, dance bag or any dance attire. Glow up your wardrobe with this special little pin.


This magnificent and shiny pin shows the Softshoes of a Dancer typical for Irish Dancing. Complete with the depiction of Poodlesocks with nice crossed over legs and a point. We imagine the dancer is jumping at this very moment and pointing their toes to the ground. 


Hard enamel pin. 

Size 2,5cm x 3,6 cm | ~1inch x 1.5inch
Back: 1 Clutch in black

Softshoes Pin

PriceFrom €8.50
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  • Please be careful when placing the pin on delicate clothing so you do not rip a whole into them with the needle. 

    The pin can be easily washed with a damp cloth. 
    Keep the pin away from sharp objects so you do not scratch it. 

  • The Grade of the pin describes the quality. Enamel pins are hand-made items and will rarely ever be in "perfect" condition. 

    Grade A: No to very minor noticable issues. 

    Grade B:
    B Grade Pins have minor to moderate imperfections that are barely noticable.  They still display nicely and are great for wearing or putting on bags or clothes where they may get roughed up. They may exhibit one to a few of the following issues: marks or scratches across the metal or enamel paint, specks, paint spots or stains on the metal or enamel paint, Very low fill areas, Messy fill areas, oxidation of the metal.

    Grade C:
    C Grades Pins have clearly noticable imperfections such as missing paint, wrong colour paint, large dings or scratches etc.